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Evan Davies

Hello! Since I started college, I have been blessed with jobs and positions that allow me to work with kids in a variety of care providing positions. I’ve worked as a camp counselor and coordinator at camp GENEVA, a direct care provider with at-risk youth at Pine Rest, a field support intern with Outward Bound, and a life group leader to junior and senior high school students at Engedi Church. I graduated from Grand Valley State University with a degree in Psychology and am currently working on an MA degree at Western Theological Seminary. Through all these experiences and relationships, I have been pushed and challenged in my own faith and relationship with God. I have grown to love God, others, and myself more deeply as I come alongside others in their faith and share my own. I have always had a passion for youth and have come to know the value and need for kids to be valued and needed. Being a friend to them that reflects Christ is the answer to showing them their most true value and fulfills their deepest needs of purpose. Young Life offers a platform for the Lord to move and work in the lives of kids through meaningful and consistent relationships. I couldn’t be more excited about how the Lord is already at work in kids lives and being able to be a part of it.  ​​​
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