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Lindsey King

‚ÄčI am from Marshall, Michigan, but now live and go to college inKalamazoo. I have a big family; six brothers, one sister, lots of cousins, and more! I am a people person. Some of my favorite things are: being outdoors, hiking, volleyball, real conversations, drinking coffee with friends, worship, and music! I play the guitar, drums, and I like to sing. I love to learn about people and different cultures. I have a passion for traveling and following Jesus! My favorite thing about Young Life is that it is simultaneously the most fun and the most meaningful thing that I am a part of. Young Life celebrates life and encourages laughter and deep relationships, all for the sake of sharing the best news ever: the gospel of Jesus Christ. One interesting thing about myself is that I spent my first two years out of high school doing mission work in Zambia, Africa.

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