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Madison Pence

I am involved with Young Life here in Kalamazoo at Portage Central High School! This is my second year as a leader and I am actually going on Student Staff, where I will be working for YoungLife part time while I am going to school as well. I am a sophomore at Western Michigan University and majoring in Elementary Education. I love working with children of all ages, so I love spending time with elementary age kids as well as my high school friends! My absolute favorite thing about Young Life is that we spend time with our friends to love them and nothing else. We are not pushy or overwhelming- we’ve just planted ourselves in students lives to help change theirs, by our loving relationships with them. I believe my most interesting fact about myself would be that I am seriously in LOVE with pulled pork sandwiches. I love them so much, I actually got asked to prom senior year with one!
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